• IST 600 Hydraulic Multi-Direction Forming Machine

    The IST 600 provides you with new advanced forming technology essential for complex part designs. The left and right side punch ensure complex cold extrusion forming, with the main ram delivering 600 tons of forming pressure. The design of this hydraulic multi-direction forming machine allows for more flexibility, and ensures safe and dependable forming of a wide variety of materials.

  • Hydraulic Multi-Direction Forming

    The IST 600 is perfect for precise forming of complex parts commonly used in the aerospace and auto industry. Both left and right side punch each deliver up to 250 tons of lateral pressure, and the main ram full vertical power stroke delivers 600 tons of pressure.

  • Structure

    This hydraulic multi-direction forming machine has a strong, rigid structure. Built with an all steel, CO2 welded frame, the IST 600 ensures excellent rigidity, while minimizing deformation during the forming process.

  • Accurate Positioning

    Adjustable limit switches allow for precise control of bolster position. When correctly adjusted, cycle times are reduced, as it only utilizes the required stroke needed for part loading and unloading.
    Other adjustable limits include: “slow down” limit for deceleration from fast speed to slow speed; “bottom stop” position and/or bottom stop pressure, and so on…

  • Balluff Hydraulic Servo Valves Control

    With a high-precision digital control system, servo valves installed on all the cylinders control the position, speed and pressure of press sliding. Platen positioning accuracy can be up to 5 µ and tonnage control to +-1%.

  • Hydraulic Power Pack

    Complete with servo motors and PLC System, this hydraulic system comes with a 1200L tank and can deliver up to 250 bars of pressure.

  • Oil Circuit Design

    The Logical oil circuit design of our presses ensure for consistent and smooth control of stroke, speed and pressure throughout the pressing cycle.

  • Hydraulic Force & Pressure Gauges

    Having clear, real time readings of the hydraulic pressure during operation is essential. With the 5 oversized pressure gauges installed on a slant for clear visibility, the operator can easily monitor the pressure levels of each ram piston.

  • PLC Control

    The IST 600 comes with Industrial grade limit switch controllers & interfaces with specialized press features to meet the requirements of today’s busy production lines.

  • User Friendly Control Panel

    Hydraulic press power is always under control with the aid of our easy, user-friendly push button panel. The ram force, direction, speed, release of force, and duration of pressure dwell, can be precisely controlled by the operator, allowing for a greater range of pressing applications.

  • Touch Screen

    The touch screen operator interface ensures even better job efficiency. Cycle parameters can be programmed and saved for recall, significantly reducing operator set up time.

  • Protective Guard

    The heavy duty safety guard prevents dangerous, flying debris from injuring the operator of other factory workers.

  • Auto Safety Light Curtain

    The safety sensor keeps the point-of-operation free for loading and unloading while ensuring continued operator safety. If the light curtain is interrupted during operation, the press brake slide will stop automatically, preventing possible injury to the operator.

  • Pneumatic Lockout Anti-Falling Device

    The pneumatic lockout anti-falling device is another added safety feature to this machine. If there is a sudden drop in hydraulic pressure causing the upper slide to drop, the anti-falling device will lock in place to prevent potential injury or damage to the machine.

  • Secure Clamping

    The Forwell clamping system is hydraulically controlled and ensures that the bolsters/dies are securely locked in place at all times. They also help to greatly reduce die and mold change times.

  • Pump Unit

    The hydraulic pump ensures tight and stable die clamping and allows the system to maintain clamping pressure on the die even when there is a power failure or when air pressure drops.

  • Quick Die Change System

    Forwell's Quick Die Change System allows for ultra efficient and fast automatic die changing for your pressing operations. The system also not only reduces die change time, but also promotes diverse small batch production runs and streamlines production management.

  • Air Filter Units

  • Punch Sizes

    The IST 600 Left and Right Punch can accept a variety of diameters ranging from 10mm to 80mm.

  • IST-600 Specs